Windsurfing learning and rent +371 29940712

Professional windsurfing instruction and rental in Riga by the Latvian champion

Riga is very good place to start windsurfing, there is a big lake not far from Riga center with average wind and flat water, it is the best condition to learn windsurfing. Our windsurfing instructor Rihards is the best rider in Latvia (Latvian champion).


  • 25.00 Eur – 20% = 20.00 Eur


  • Rihards Akmentins (Latvian champion)


  • 1 hour

Additional info:

  • Clothes – Swimsuit
  • Season – From May to October


  • Registration in advance +371 29940712 (Rihards)

The first windsurfing lesson

  • Before coming to lesson it is possible to prepare by reading the theory – here
  • Start with a short story about the equipment and wind
  • Than we are going in the water, where instructor show the first balance exercises in order to successfully learn windsurfing
  • After following exercises are meeting, during which tells the story of maneuvering and turning Windsurfing board
  • At the end of the first leasson we are learning to get upwind, downwind or crosswind
  • Who learning faster in the end of first lesson doing upwind, downwind turns and beach start

Windsurfing questions and answers?

  • What do you need for the first windsurfing lesson?
    • towel, swimsuit
  • What kind of wind need in first windsurfing lesson?
    • Windsurfing is a lot of things that need to start to learn and so for the first time is not critical wind speed, but it should not exceed 7 m/s
  • Is it possible to came with the largest windsurfing company?
    • it is possible, and all have the same experience in windsurfing, then it will be even more interesting, then you will see your Progress
  • Do windsurfing can learn in one summer?
    • Yes, it only needs to do
  • Where can I watch the wind forecast?
    • wind forecast
  • The number of years can learn windsurfing?
    • The latest windsurfer with us was 6 years old girl, which have very good results, but the main thing is that knows how to swim and years is not so important
  • What to do if you’ve never do sporting or its posible to try windsurfing?
    • Yes, because windsurfing is not necessary to huge muscle strength, the more the first steps you will be even easier to learn, because the muscles are heavily and hard to keep Balance on board